Our Story

How our company came to be

A large brown and beige school building with a sign that says "M.A.S. Mission Achievement and Success"
Students hanging out in the main lounge area of M.A.S. Charter School
A long white school hallway with student art hanging on the walls

Fifteen years ago on a sunny day in Albuquerque New Mexico, our founding president, Larry Rieder, was approached by a women looking to solve a problem facing her charter school. She needed a suitable facility to house her students and staff, and it just so happened that she had her eye on an ideally located parking garage that Larry owned. You see, Larry was an accomplished real estate professional and investor involved in commercial properties at that time. This woman had a vision of converting his parking garage into a state of the art educational facility that would help her charter school to grow and become a more valuable asset to the community. Intrigued by this unusual request, Larry decided to work with this woman on her project and help make her vision a reality.

By using his personal investment money and extensive knowledge in real estate and development, Larry and the woman were able to convert his open air parking garage into a 60,000 square foot charter school facility, that became the site for the first ever charter school incubator. Three young charter schools moved into this facility and were able to grow and nurture their student bodies and thus expand their schools. Eventually two of the three charters moved on and the remaining charter school took over full occupancy of the building and is now one of the top performing charter schools in all of New Mexico.

Once this first project was completed with much success, Larry realized that there were many other charter schools facing the very same facility problems. That is when he decided to start Charter School Property Solutions and help other charter school leaders solve these problems full time.

Since that very first project, our firm has grown and become quite adept at the intricate process of financing, designing, and building charter school facilities throughout the entire country. We have developed a firm that helps charter school leaders from the very beginning to absolute completion of a facility project, and this is how our firm is unique. We help with every aspect of making charter school facilities a reality while making it as streamline of a process as possible for the charter school’s leadership team.

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