Integrated Services

Our integrated services take our clients through all three stages of making their dream facilities a reality. First, we arrange financing. Second, we work with a team of professionals to design a custom tailored facility. Third, we manage the construction of the facility.

Client Focused Approach

Delivering customized facilities

With their unique qualities and emphasis when it comes to curriculum and style, every charter school truly is unique. That is why we get to know your charter school in detail long before we ever start on your project. It is important to us that you, the client, end up with a facility that perfectly suits your schools unique needs. Whether those needs and preferences be a facility with dance studios and black box theaters to put on plays for the performing arts, or state of the art science and computer labs for the science focused, or perhaps professional culinary labs and vegetable gardens for trade based schools, we want to make sure your facility supports your schools mission in education.

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The first step

We Arrange Financing For You
Securing financing for the build of a charter school facility is a very complicated and time-consuming process filled with thorough analysis, competitive negotiation and extensive planning. Luckily though, when you work with us you don’t have to worry about any of this. We handle all the heavy lifting for you, leaving your school’s leadership free to focus on what they do best, running a well-oiled charter school.


100% Financing Available With 0% Down
We understand the importance of preserving a school’s cash reserves for operations and emergencies. This is why we work to arrange 100% financing for our client’s facility needs.


Everything Is Covered
Everything from property purchase, existing building retrofit or new building construction, landscaping, sports fields, kitchen equipment, even furniture, and fixtures can be covered with the charter school financing we arrange.


How We Are Different From Our Competitors
We know you have options when it comes to who to trust with your charter school financing needs. Yes, there are other firms in the nation that offer facility funding solutions. However, where all of our competitors mainly promote the “lease to own” model, we decided to go a different direction. We decided to coordinate direct lending and advocate for day one ownership for charter schools, and in so doing, we are able to arrange much more favorable terms and rates for our clients.

Designing a charter school facility


The second step

Our design team is aware that what is built today must allow for the needs of tomorrow. This is why we work closely with your school’s leadership as well as our assembled team of architects and engineers to create the perfect design for your charter school. We listen to your school’s specific needs in the now to ensure those needs are met, however we also help you plan for your charter school’s future goals. From there, we formulate a custom design and strategic plan to carry out the build of your new design.

charter school facility construction


The third step

Construction timeline creation, cost bidding, construction team interviewing & hiring, government approval meetings, permitting, invoicing fulfillment, strict schedule adherence, these are just a few of the things our team takes care of during the build process of your new charter school facility.

Our firm is committed to mitigating as much stress as possible for your school’s leadership. This is why we provide construction management for our clients. Our team manages the entire build of your facility from start to finish, and we ensure county approval is gained and permits are pulled. We also guarantee the best work at the best price by biding your project to multiple contractors.